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    Longnor Craft Centre Showroom

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Nearly back to work.

May 28th, 2014 by Peter | 0

Not all my customers and website viewers will know that I have recently had a triple heart bypass operation. It was 5 weeks ago today so recovery is well under way. I am not back at work full time yet but work has been continuing, thanks to my trusty team of Rory and Mags. We will soon be back to full strength, making some spectacular pieces for our current orders and ready to take on many more orders, after having my health problem rectified, something I am now aware that has been holding me back for 7 years.

Round and square named stools

Round and square named stools

Our name stools have been very popular recently along with the restored Stoke City Victoria Ground seats. We have also seen an increasing demand for larger cabinets and dining sets.

If you are considering an order please allow plenty of time as our waiting list is 3-5 months. You can call us direct at the workshop on 01298 84467 to discuss possible commissions or arrange a visit.

Small Oak Font.

Feb 15th, 2014 by Peter | 0

I’m sure its pure coincidence but we seem to be spending more time than ever making items for churches. This little font has been ordered for a church near Crewe and will soon be joined by a new Communion Table, which will be made in the next few months.


Initial comments from those who have seen it suggest a rather different use. Don’t be surpised if it appears very soon, slightly modified as a luxury personalised dog bowl stand!

Carved oak coffee tables.

Feb 15th, 2014 by Peter | 0

Its nice to be making more normal sized items after our giant robe chest. This is about as close as we  ever get to mass production, three coffee tables of the same design! Two of them will have my little ‘oak leaf’ sprig carved on top which seems to be very popular.


This design is proving to be a favourite with the handy shelf  below. The two sizes shown are 42” x 18” x 18” and 48” x 18” x 16”.


As ever they all proudly bear our Fox trademark.


One carving done, one to go.

These three are all ordered but we do normally have at least one in the showroom, Longnor Craft Centre.